#1 Liberties and freedom in Cuba von HarryJackson 23.12.2022 18:41

In terms of political and civil liberties, Cuba ranks 3rd. Citizens in Cuba experience little to no civil liberties and political rights. Citizens are not free to express themselves and enjoy neither political freedom nor representative government. Countries with this political situation are dangerous for investment as an authoritarian government may have over-control over economic affairs. The companies of Cuba are 5 in terms of economic freedom. Citizens in Cuba are not considered free in their economic decisions. The government prohibits citizens from all economic activities, and some illegal business activities are punishable by imprisonment or even death. Investors should avoid countries that are not economically free as the risks do not justify any potential gain. In terms of journalistic freedom, Cuba's media is in a 5. In Cuba, journalists face a very serious situation. Censorship rules all publications and the government controls most of the media. Journalists who express opinions against the government can be punished with fines, imprisonment or death.

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