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Why Do You Need a Laptop Stand?
Since February of this year, there's been a huge spike in remote working in all industries. Many companies started to expense home workspace purchases to help employees create a productive and efficient remote working workspace. We've seen a huge spike in interest in laptop stands, monitor stands, and other workspace organization tools that help to improve your posture and productivity.

So why do you really even need a laptop stand? Here are the top 5 best reasons to use a laptop stand.

The most basic reason to own a laptop stand is to improve your workspace ergonomics which in turn helps with posture and relieving back pain, neck pain, and save you from further stress issues later on.

The laptop stand will raise your screen to eye level, preventing strain on your neck and back. When you're sitting at your desk for 8+ hours every day, a downward perspective at your laptop can seriously injure your neck in the long run. Instead of stacking books and boxes to raise your laptop stand, purchase something that will create a natural viewing angle.

Whether you're a marketer, developer, designer, or even working in finance and accounting, you're typically typing on your keyboard.

Whether you're a marketer, developer, designer, or even working in finance and accounting, you're typically typing on your keyboard a lot throughout the day. Laptop stands with the right angles allows for less stress on your wrists as you're typing throughout the day.

If you prefer to use a separate keyboard with your set up, laptop stands make it possible for you to adjust your workspace to your liking.

I'm sure we've all experienced that dreaded sound of your laptop fan going into overdrive and your machine burning your leg. For those who work with heavy softwares or does any sort of rendering work, it's a terrifying moment when your computer freezes up and you don't remember whether auto-save was turned on.

Keeping your laptop ventilated properly can not only prevent these scenarios from happening, but it can also improve rendering speeds and maintain the computer's longevity. Not only do laptop stands elevate your laptop from a solid surface like your table, many of them actually have strategically placed ventilation to help encourage airflow.

A messy workspace filled with wires and cables is a surefire way to increase anxiety and stress for the typical worker. Not to mention loose wires have been the key culprit of many horrible computer accidents.

A messy workspace filled with wires and cables is a surefire way to increase anxiety and stress for the typical worker. Not to mention loose wires have been the key culprit of many horrible computer accidents. A good laptop stand will include a proper cable management system such as a feeding hole in the back and space under to store any unused items.

Just route your cables underneath and through the back of the stand to maintain a clean and organized sightline and workspace.

Can a verical laptop stand damage the laptop?
I have replaced my desktop workstation with a 17" laptop, and it is ergonomically terrible, the solution was to use an external keyboard and mouse, but still it would stay way below eye level, some people then suggested a vertical laptop stand so i got the cheapo one below.

I have searched like crazy on the web for some info or reviews to make sure that it will not cause any kind of damage to the laptop like straining the hinges or any other component by standing in that position, and i could not find anything.

Does anyone here have any kind of experience with this kind of support?Can it cause any damage to the laptop?

The laptop will stay on the support 24/7 and with the lid opened pretty much 8-12 hours a day.

I can't see any reason why this would damage the screen or lid. The lid is designed to stay open in any position. Mounted as you show it most of the weight of the lid is carried vertically on the hinges.

You should be careful not to block the fan vents if you have them. That will lead to overheating.

Hard drives can generally be mounted in any orientation. This site discusses hard drive mounting. The consensus is the orientation doesn't matter.

So I can't see this causing any problems.

If you find yourself constantly using your laptop as your desktop computer (i.e. full time workstation) then you really should consider at the least an external monitor and keyboard / mouse. At best you would get a dedicated desktop computer.

I don't believe that that stand would cause any sort of strain on the computer. In fact keeping it elevated will probably help keep it cooler, increasing the longevity.

Why you should use a monitor arm for better productivity and posture
We're a diverse group here at Android Central, but we all have one thing in common that's a big part of our lives: we work from home, putting in long days in front of a computer screen. We're always trying new things to be more productive and make work easier, but one very simple thing can have a huge impact on both your productivity and your health — putting your monitors up off of your desk.

Monitor arms have a lot of benefits to anyone who works at a desk as well as people who spend a lot of time doing anything at a computer. Things like gaming or just surfing the web are all better when you're more organized and not craning your neck to see what's on your screen. With Black Friday being the best time to buy a computer monitor, it's also the best time to get a mounting arm to put it in the right place!

The biggest benefit of using a monitor arm is the ability to change the height, depth, and angle of your display. This allows you to put your screen in the right place to prevent you from straining your neck and your eyes whenever you're at your desk for an extended period of time. A monitor arm will put your screen or screens directly in the center of your field of vision so you're not constantly looking up or down. This helps a lot in preventing strain-related pain in your neck and back and keeps your eyes where they need to be.

Because things are where they should be, your posture is improved, too. When your display is too high or too low you might slouch in your chair or sit too far forward. A good computer chair is designed to support your back and promote good posture, but sitting in it incorrectly does neither, and actually can cause more issues in your shoulders or lower back.

If you use a standing desk, this is even more important. You need the desk surface in the right spot for typing and using a mouse, but usually, that's too low for your monitor and you end up looking down all day long. When you put your displays up on a good monitor arm, you can get them at the right height.

Another big bonus is the extra desktop real estate. Most monitors come with a sizable stand designed to keep them from tipping forward or back. That means a lot of the back of your desk is taken up by them and everything else you need or want is pushed forwards.

With a monitor arm that mounts to your desktop or to the wall, you can reclaim that space. Maybe you want to keep it free and go for the minimal and clutter-free look. Or maybe you need a place for pencils or your phone, or even something like a PlayStation 5. Either way, once you get your monitor's feet off the desk the room is there for you to do whatever you like.

Buying A Monitor Arm?
A monitor arm is a great accessory you can add to your computer desk from additional workspace to increase ergonomics, there are lots of positives associated with them.

And when it comes to ergonomics, it can make a significant difference whether it is your computer work desk or gaming station.

They can be very beneficial for a productive work environment, maximize your workspace, and keep you away from physical issues.

A computer monitor arm is a piece of hardware that helps you adjust your computer monitor. It can be attached to the desk and to the back of your computer.

A monitor arm helps you adjust the viewing angle, height, and depth of the computer monitor so that you can work comfortably without having to adjust too many different things on your desk.

It is very useful to hold the monitor in place so that it doesn’t move around too much and you can sit in a more ergonomic position when you’re working.

So, when the monitor is set up correctly, you will do less work and have less fatigue working at the desk.

This is how it makes sure that you can prevent future expenses from neck, spine, back, and shoulder pain or soreness.

Moreover, there are several types of monitor arms out there for different setup needs, but it helps you be more comfortable when working in any work environment.

What are the main types of monitor arms?
For any typical computer monitor, you can find these 10 types of monitor arms in the market:

Wall Mounted – This type of computer monitor arm mounts onto a wall and efficiently maximizes the space in a limited workspace.

Gas or Spring Arm – These types of monitor arms are easily adjustable but more expensive and can’t hold heavier monitors.

Mechanical Spring – These types of monitor arms last longer, operate more easily than spring arms, and are also less expensive.

Clamp Mounted – This type of computer monitor arm fastens to the edge of a desk via C-clamp.

Grommet Mounted – This type of computer monitor arm attached to the edge of the desk through a hole and screwed underneath.

Post Mount – This monitor arm is attached to a desk from a single column via a grommet mounting system and allows you to set the monitor at your preferred height.

Stacked Mount – This monitor mount type is similar to the post mount but the monitors are organized one on top of the other.

Rail Mount – This monitor arm is used especially when multiple computer monitors need to be organized in single or multiple rail options.

Laptop Arm – This type of arm is designed to support a laptop.

Mixed-use Arm – This type of computer monitor arm uses dual arms with one arm holding the monitor and the other arm holding a laptop.
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